Sell Devices Online to Earn Some Cash Back!

sell devices onlineSmart-devices like phones and tablets are becoming more and more integral to society and culture, with no signs of slowing down. Because of how frequently technology improves and how often new products are released, it can be difficult to reasonably afford those ever-enticing upgrades. If you didn’t know already, there are other options out there that can save you some money. My current favorite option is the ability to sell devices online, and buy a (used) upgrade at the same time. This lets you get cash back on old devices that would otherwise collect dust.

I recently did business with a company called Goodcellas. It turns out, they’re a good place to sell iPad online. I made a decent chunk of change from trading in my old one, and was able put that money towards an iPhone for less than what it’d cost completely new.

I like recommending online companies like Goodcellas because they represent an alternative for consumers. It might feel like a bit of a process at first, but the savings from buying and selling used tech will typically speak for itself. It’s especially useful if you want to avoid restrictive phone contracts with your carrier, because oftentimes those contracts end up being more expensive in the long run.

The ability to sell devices online is something that I hope becomes more prevalent in the future, if only because it means less phones being thrown out or going to waste. If you look up facts about electronic waste in America, you might be shocked about how much we collectively throw away. In some small way, doing this extends the effective life of devices when might be dumped and forgotten otherwise.

Anyway, if you are planning on selling your i-device, you should make sure that all of your personal data is wiped and your files are backed up elsewhere, just in case. I included a video below as a guide to help you if you need it.